Demolition of existing buildings

7. 12. 2021

Look at the demolition of existing buildings and the preparation of the site for the start of the construction of the Allrisk MERIDIEM multifunctional complex.

Demolition of existing buildings

Two 40 tonne excavators with break-off jaws, hammers and loading buckets worked on the demolition, while 2 smaller excavators were responsible for removing small parts of the buildings, wedges, and details during demolition. 
In total, they demolished over 2,000 tonnes of concrete, most of which was crushed on site and the recycled concrete then used for the site's paved roadway.
Over 8,500 tons of brick rubble was removed from the area.Buildings adjacent to neighbouring properties had to be demolished by hand to avoid damage. The demolition was accompanied by the construction of 400 m2 of concrete fencing on the south and north sides of the site.

During the 3 months of demolition and clearance work we disposed of a total of 40,000m3 of buildings and original roads on the site.

Soon everything will be ready for the earthworks to start!

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