About the project

The Allrisk MERIDIEM project is a unique complex of buildings for business and family housing being built between Svatopetrská and Komárovská streets in Brno. The development includes associated transport and technical infrastructure. The heart of the new Trnitá district will be a modern boulevard that will connect the new district through the train and bus terminals with the historic city centre.

The Allrisk MERIDIEM Multifunctional Complex consists of three high-rise buildings A1, A2, A3 and one low-rise building B. Its capacity will offer 121 residential units, 49 studios, 46 office units, 14 shell & core commercial spaces, 206 parking spaces on the underground level with 186 associated basement cubicles, 18 parking spaces on the ground level and 19 parking spaces on the roof space of Building B that also includes an office space and a large commercial area. Most units have access to patios or front gardens from the main rooms. All buildings in the complex have access to the central plaza that will include an equipped children’s playground.