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BYT A2.701
Status Free
Usable floor area (m²) 132,4 m2
Disposition 3KK
Price (CZK) 15 111 171 CZK
BYT A2.702
Status Free
Usable floor area (m²) 138,7 m2
Disposition 3KK
Price (CZK) 20 550 135 CZK
BYT A2.703
Status Sold
Usable floor area (m²) 81,4 m2
Disposition 2KK
Price (CZK) CZK
BYT A2.704
Status Free
Usable floor area (m²) 161,7 m2
Disposition 4KK
Price (CZK) 20 447 843 CZK
Name / designation Disposition Price (CZK) Status Usable floor area (m²) Parking place
BYT A2.701 3KK 15 111 171 CZK Free 132,4 A-03, A-05
BYT A2.702 3KK 20 550 135 CZK Free 138,7 A-25, A-25
BYT A2.703 2KK CZK Sold 81,4 F-36
BYT A2.704 4KK 20 447 843 CZK Free 161,7 A-05, A-07