How is the Construction Progressing? | August 2023

22. 8. 2023

Construction Progress: Vision Becomes Reality

Although the Allrisk MERIDIEM project is still under construction, rapid progress can already be seen. The foundation stones of the project were laid a few months ago and now we can see the first few floors of the rough construction. For those following the development of this project, it is fascinating to see how the building is rapidly growing and becoming a visible part of the city's skyline.


What to expect in Allrisk MERIDIEM?

  1. Living spaces: modern apartments with city views, designed to provide maximum comfort and luxury.
  2. Commercial spaces: High quality shops and restaurants that will offer residents and visitors a wide range of services.
  3. Office spaces: Space for start-ups, freelancers and corporations that is equipped with the latest technology.
  4. Zones for relaxation and entertainment: Spaces where you can relax, meet friends or attend cultural events.

See what the Allrisk Meridiem building currently looks like here.


How is the Construction Progressing? | August 2023
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